Paige Lee: Catching Up with Nikita Arjun at Valley Forge Invitational


This week I got a chance to interview Symetra player, Nikita Arjun from Bangalore, India.

Nikita Arjun taking a shot

The 25 year old actually began playing tennis at a young age and played simultaneously with golf for 6 years before exclusively playing golf at the age of 12. Since then she has been playing golf for 13 years, turning professional after graduating Armstrong State University, now known as Georgia Southern University in the fall of 2018.

Within her year of turning pro, Nikita has already earned a 6th place finish at the 2019 Harmony Golf Preserve and T20th at the 2018 FT Rucker Open on the NWGA Suncoast Tour event and gone onto Stage 2 of Q school earning her status for this year on the Symetra Tour.

The best part of professional golf for Nikita has been the opportunity of meeting so many new people, getting to travel and play professionally at a high level. Just the past two days here in Pottstown, Pennsylvania she has met so many girls along with some familiar faces she has seen throughout junior and collegiate golf.

She says professional golf is a bit different compared to collegiate golf. It has a different atmosphere but nonetheless she thinks the “challenge is awesome”. Nikita enjoys the traveling aspect of being a professional golfer, the opportunities of seeing so many different things along the way, traveling from state to state as she’s driven to the south and eastern border.

While she is not traveling from tournament to tournament, she is able to call Savannah, Georgia home. She has been practicing out of The Club at Savannah Harbor for the past 2 years.

We are excited to see her growth and journey in professional golf. She is having her brother fly from Phoenix to caddy for her second Symetra event of the year. You can follow her journey on the Symetra Tour as she tees off this Friday at 2:53 pm and Saturday at 10:51am at the 2019 Valley Forge Invitational.

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