Playoffs decide the winners in the opening leg of U.S. Kids India Tour


Three categories of the 14 needed playoffs to be played to decide the winners among those categories, in the opening leg of the U.S. Kids Golf India Tour at the Classic Golf and Country Club on Wednesday. Ansh Dubey (boys 10 years), Ranveer Mitroo (boys 11 years) and Sifat Sayal (girls 15-18 years) edging out Arshvant Srivastava, Udai Aditya Middha and Serene Vikram Singh respectively.

Ragini Navet in the girls 12-14 years group turned in the day’s best card, a 1-under 71 on a day 73 young golfers braved the May heat and gusting winds in turning out for the India Tour’s  2019 season’s North Zone opener. Ragini had three birdies to her name against two dropped shots.

Other winners included – Arav Shah (3-over 75) in the boys 12 years category and Zara Anand (1-over 73) in the girls 10-11 age group. The boys 11 years section too saw a close battle for honours with Ranveer Mitroo needing a playoff to beat Udai Aditya Middha after both finished on 8-over 80s, while third and fourth-placed Pritish Singh Karayat (82) and Samarveer Singh Maini (83) were hard on their heels.

U.S. Kids Golf India Tour president Rajesh Srivastava said, “It was very hot and windy today, and it gave the participants an opportunity to play in very difficult conditions. Kids have to learn to play in all sorts of weather and conditions and such opportunities were not easily available on such courses earlier, so we at U.S. Kids Golf India Tour are very happy to bring such opportunities for them.”

Results (up to 9 years, 9 holes, 10 years and above 18 holes):

Boys 6 yrs and under: 1. Krishnav Gupta, 2. Zac Laroia.

Boys 7 yrs: 1. Raajveer Singh.

Boys 8 yrs: 1. Chaitanya Pander, 2. Tejas Upadhyay, 3. Rayan Sao.

Boys 9 yrs: 1. Prince Bainsla, 2. Sohang Har Kantor, 3. Ayaan Sardana.

Boys 10 yrs: 1. Ansh Dubey (in play-off), 2. Arshvant Srivastava, 3. Jay Handa.

Boys 11 yrs: 1. Ranveer Mitroo (in play-off), 2. Udai Aditya Middha, 3. Pritish Singh Karayat.

Boys 12 yrs: 1. Arav Shah, 2. Kushagra Tokas, 3. Vihaan Malhotra.

Boys 13-14 yrs: 1. Anshul Kabthiyal, 2. Krishnav Chopra, 3. Vardaan Shukla.

Boys 15-18 yrs: 1. Aarnav Sharma, 2. Aarush Marwaha, 3. Aadit Rampal.

Girls 7 yrs and under: 1. Ojaswini Saraswat, 2. Naina Kapoor.

Girls 8-9 yrs: 1. Samaira Tomar, 2. Shambhavi Chaturvedi, 3. Anandita Baloria.

Girls 10-11 yrs: 1. Zara Anand, 2. Asara Sawhney, 3. Prarthna Khanna.

Girls 12-14 yrs: 1. Ragini Navet, 2. Serena Khanna, 3. Oira Juneja.

Girls 15-18 yrs: 1. Sifat Sayal (in play-off), 2. Serena Vikram Singh.

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