How to Groom a Champion


Planning is the key to success

Starting in 2017, Golf Digest India in partnership with the International Junior Golf Association (IJGA) will bring you tips and advice perfected over decades to help groom the future champions of golf.

For over two decades, the International Junior Golf Association (IJGA) has been committed to developing champions both on and off the course. Over the coming months, the IJGA will exclusively share these secrets with the readers of Golf Digest India to help improve your game, maximize your potential and help set yourself or your child on the path to success as a champion golfer!

While we all have aspirations of being the next Tiger Woods, the question remains on how does one go about becoming a champion golfer? It certainly takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance, however, before you even hit a single ball – PLANNING becomes paramount.

Aniruddh Kedlaya attended IJGA and is now on scholarship at Hawaii Pacific University

One of the first tasks the IJGA undertakes with students is setting a plan.  Why is it important to have a plan with proper goals? The purpose of setting the plan is to help give students direction as to where they are going.   When working on goal setting, the IJGA looks at the following areas:

What = Desired Outcome

How = Process

Why = Motivation


Saptak Talwar of New Delhi attends the IJGA Academy in South Carolina

The Why is especially important as it provides intrinsic motivation, which is essential for long-term success as well as to avoid burn out. Before you can create a champion, one must be a lifelong participant.

The risk of not having a plan may jeopardize the student’s ability to complete his or her daily tasks and can end with a student not achieving their goals due to mismanagement of time.

Keep in mind, if the plan is too challenging the student will lose interest and/or get frustrated, if the student is under challenged then they will lose motivation. Getting the challenge point correct is key. It is beneficial to continually monitor the plan based on achievements and be flexible with change. As you can see creating a plan is a process as well, but a well-determined plan can make the biggest difference in success! Plan and be prepared to play your best!

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