Tiger’s Masters Triumph and the outburst of Social Media


It would be a lie if we said no living golf loving being on the planet did not celebrate the win of the legend, the GOAT Tiger Woods at the 83rd Masters Tournament, where he won himself a fifth green jacket, 15th major, and his 81st PGA TOUR title all at once.

Tiger Wood’s story on the journey of winning his fifth masters after a gap of 14 years and a major win after 11 years, is nothing less than an inspiring saga in itself and when people and media had written him off after seeing him in getting involved in accidents, scandals and getting his body fixed with all sorts of surgeries. It surely looked like an end to his story, but as it is said, the act must go on, the Tiger is doing just that, keeping his legacy alive, proving people wrong, and yes, we are loving it to be proven wrong, nothing makes us happier than seeing the man who brought families and fans together to watch dying sport with such energy and enthusiasm, winning it on the bigger stage.

Let’s look at how the world of social media went onto fire mode post his win at the Augusta National Golf Club. The sports stars and legends like Stephen Curry, Lebron James, Serena Williams, Kobe Bryant, Jack Nicklaus, President, Ex-President of the USA and a lot more could not keep themselves from crying and sharing the moment with the world.



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