Tiger’s crash. See the footage.



Tiger’s automobile accident has made global news and its a blow for golf fans the world over. In the process of recovering from his 5th back surgery, Tiger will likely take months to heal the broken bones sustained in his crash.

Local police say that the spot of Tiger’s accident has seen many similar mishaps as its a hilly , deserted road where many drivers go faster than the turns actually permit.

Tiger's car after accident

Tiger’s car after accident

With the Masters only a month away and so many important events lined up in 2021, the golf world is going to miss seeing Tiger in action. He remains the biggest draw on Television, no matter how he is faring. We wish him a speedy recovery and all our sympathy in this unfortunate incident. 

You can see footage of the crash site here. 

The latest update from the Woods’ team shows the route to recover is going to be long for the 15-time major champion.


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