Saving water the Karma Lakelands way


Golf & Environment 

Karma Lakelands, the 9-hole luxury residential golf resort in Gurugram, is once again leading the way towards the betterment of the environment and its surroundings with the use of ‘Eco Blocks’. The resort has seen results worth emulating by other golf clubs in India with the installation of these blocks in Men’s urinals, which help avoid water flushing. It’s said that each men’s urinal consumes upto 1 lakh litres of water every year. With 25 urinals, Karma Lakelands and any club, hotel or office can save a significant 2.5 million litres of water. 

Hong Kong Polytechnic invented the Eco Block in 2006; an environment-friendly tiny blue strip made up of bio materials and construction waste. The primary feature of Eco-Block is to catalyze the nitrogen oxide and other pollutants in the air into non-hazardous substances. This eliminates the odour and costs one third of the usually plastic mats used in other facilities, while using zero water. 

After Karma Lakelands started publicising this initiative some thirty golf clubs in India have also started using these products. 

Karma Lakelands has constantly been in the news for several other eco-friendly initiatives, including compost creation, bee farming, organic farming and being the first course in India to ban plastic bottles while asking golfers to bring reusable flasks. 

India Golf Weekly strongly recommends Indian golf courses follow as many best eco friendly practices as possible with the looming water and environmental crisis in our country threatening to disrupt lives and the game in the near future. 

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