Rajasthan Boost for Junior Golf



Rajasthan Junior Golf Tour is an initiative of Nitika Jadeja; an ex ranked lady golfer from Jaipur. Nitika wishes to change the sport’s outlook, starting with her city. Nitika, who began with a pro shop – GolfRaj in Jaipur, started a golf academy and a range in 2019, located in C Scheme, Jaipur, for juniors.

Junior Golfers at the Rajasthan Golf Tour event

While trying to help the juniors in Jaipur, she found help from a friend Rishi Raj and even an investor in the form of B3B, a real estate group in Rajasthan.

The initial plan was to get it started in April/May 2020, which got postponed to Jan.2021 due to the global pandemic and the lockdown after that. 

Finally, the Rajasthan Junior Golf Tour played its first event in Jan. 2021 with 32 kids participating in four different age categories; A, B, C & D and followed it with another successful outing in February. The said tour will be taking a break in March due to exams and will return in April’s last week, with dates still to be determined.

The tour is playing a ‘Running Trophy’ event, meaning the player with most points, after 12 events, will lift the trophy in Best Girl and Best Boys categories at the end of the year.

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