Mickelson’s funny new Amstel Beer ad


49-year-old, Phil Mickelson, who has three green jackets to his name, is well known for his sense of humour. One incident which everyone still remembers is when he interrupted the announcer naming all of Tigers’ previous accolades at the 2002 Tour Championship.
After listing Woods’ fifth and most recent win of the year at the American Express Championship, Mickelson, pretending(?) to be annoyed, interrupted by saying “alright, alright” and everyone — including Tiger Woods — burst into laughter. Watch this clip of it:

Tiger Woods at 2002 Tour Championship

Mickelson is back with his Amstel Beer ad where he is seen helping a golfer find his ball in rough with an epic suggestion too on the ability to make friends at the office – “A lot of guys struggle with adult male friendships. I mean not me, I’m Phil Mickelson.”

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