PGTI Qualifiers begin this week

Kalhaar Blues & Greens to host PGTI Q-School

Kalhaar Blues & Greens to host PGTI Q-School

The Professional Golf Tour of India’s (PGTI) Qualifying Tournaments tee off this week with its 1st Pre-Qualifier at Kalhaar Blues & Greens GC in Ahmedabad. The course is hosting the event for the first time. The Qualifiers were not held in 2021 because of the Covid pandemic. 

Around 300 pro golfers from around the world, including from countries such as Australia, Canada, the UK, and the UAE, are expected to participate in the three different 36 hole qualifying rounds.  104 golfers tee off this week in Pre-Qualifier I, with the others split between the Pre-Qualifier II on Jan. 10-11 and Pre-Qualifier III on Jan. 13-14.

A total of 80 top finishers from the three Pre-Qualifying events will progress to the final Qualifier that begins on Jan. 17. They will be joined by the PGTI members who finished outside the top-60 rankings in 2021. The final is a 72-hole event and offers players tour cards across four categories:

Category A – Full Card 

Category B – Players who played all four rounds of the Final but do not earn their full card. Players who finished 61-100 on the previous year’s Order of Merit but did not earn their full card for 2022 (To be classified in this category, players must have played in the pre-qualifying event as well)

Category C – Players who played in the final but missed the cut. 

Category D – Players who missed the cut in Pre Qualifying and did not make it to the final event. 

Eligibility to enter Q-School –

All Professional golfers or amateurs with a max. allowed handicap of 2.4 

Entry Fee – ₹20,000/-

NOTE: It is not a breach of the Rules of Amateur Status for an amateur golfer under the
jurisdiction of R&A Rules Ltd. to file an entry for and play in any stage of the PGTI
Qualifying School, providing that the player waives his right to prize money prior to each
Stage by completing the appropriate terms available on site at each venue.

However, if an amateur golfer participates in the Qualifying School for the first time as a
professional and is unsuccessful, he may wish to apply for reinstatement as an amateur
golfer. Such an application for reinstatement may receive sympathetic consideration by
the Amateur Status Committee and the applicant may be reinstated after the
infringement of the Rules, provided participation in the Qualifying School is the player’s
only breach of the Rules of Amateur Status.

The final decision relating to the reinstatement of the Amateur status shall be, however,
at the sole discretion of the recognized Amateur federation of the respective country of
the golfer.

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