Golfer sets up charitable home



Across the country, there are numerous examples of golfers who have set up and sustained charitable causes. One such is Delhi based Aman Sawhney, an active 12 handicapper on the corporate golf tournament circuit who has represented India in various international corporate finals like BMW, Mercedes, the World Corporate Golf Challenge and others. 

Aashirwad Vridhashram

Aashirwad Vridhashram

Aman and his family have built  an old age home in Delhi, called ‘Aashirwad Vridhashram’ under the aegis of ‘Sawhney Foundation’ to support the needy elderly, or as they call it to curate the joy of ageing.

Added with Vridhashram, the property will  include a school to educate special children. The school will provide amenities such as library and space for indoor and outdoor recreational activities for overall development of kids.

Aashirwad Vridhashram

The property is able to house 100 inmates now and wishes to add a capacity of 100 more and for this it invites corporates for support in this noble cause, so that the existing and future needs of people from underprivileged society can be fulfilled more effectively.

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