Editor’s Note: Jan. 3, 2022

India Golf Weekly Editor - Rishi Narain

India Golf Weekly Editor – Rishi Narain

The team at India Golf Weekly and RN Sports Marketing wish all our readers a very Happy New Year and hope you decide to make 2022 your best golfing year ever ! Now is the time to resolve to  invest more time in playing, practicing, a few lessons and some new equipment so you can get the most out of the year ahead !

A few of our stories this week point to significant indications about the future of the game, both in India and globally. 

First – continuing our series on the fittest golfers in the world, the routines of the 5 fittest lady players again underlines how golf has transformed its image during the past decade into a sport for top class athletes. This is welcome as more young people in India will take to the sport, taking pride in calling themselves golfers, as much as some kids take pride in calling themselves cricketers or soccer players. 

Next – the announcement that for the first time in Indian golf history, an Indian golf club (Delhi GC) has taken on the responsibility of finding sponsorship and promoting an international golf tournament, bodes well for the game. Internationally this is an accepted practice but we hope this bold and successful initiative of the Delhi GC, will encourage other top Indian clubs to do the same in the future. 

Third,  the 300 entries received by the Professional Golf Tour of India ( PGTI) for their Qualifying Tournaments scheduled in January,  shows how many talented players are chasing their dream of becoming professional golfers, despite all the hardships they are aware lie ahead of them. We hope that the pandemic allows the PGTI to conduct a full schedule of 20 to 25 tournaments this year and we hope more corporate sponsors like Tata Steel, find golf an attractive vehicle to project their brands and corporate image. We daresay you can expect interest in pursuing the pro game among young Indians to continue to rise as our busy clubs help more kids get access to their courses and more coaches and academies step in to help kids and parents realise their ambitions. 

If you’ve been putting off that bucket list trip to The Masters, one thing the pandemic has taught us is to do the important things in life as soon as possible ! We hope readers find the two international travel and tournament packages of interest. Both are top of the line experiences, which India Golf Weekly has exclusive access to. 


Read on and enjoy !

Warm Regards


Rishi Narain

Publisher & Editor

India Golf Weekly 

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