Flood of events for Junior Golfers


Even as Shubhankar Sharma launches his own junior series, Junior golfers, particularly in the National Capital and Bangalore are flooded by tournaments coming up in the next two months. After the Indian Golf Union cancelled all junior and amateur tournaments for 2020, others have stepped in to fill the gap.

Fortunately for the kids, most of these tournaments offer  World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR) and Junior Golf Scoreboard (JGS) points so players can qualify for international events looking forward to 2021..

Upcoming Tournaments list – 

Junior Match PlayDec.17-18Jaypee Wishtown, Noida
102nd Albatross Golf Tournament Dec. 22-24 Eagleton, Bengaluru
Ultimate Series Leg-2 Dec.15 Golden Greens,Gurugram
Shubhankar Sharma Invitational Q Dec.24-27 Forest Hills, Mohali
Little Master Junior Golf Tour Dec. 23rd Jaypee Wishtown, Noida
Little Master Junior Golf Tour Dec. 24thJaypee Wishtown, Noida
The Young Masters Links Golf Classic Dec.16-18 Golden Greens, Gurgaon
The Young Master South India Classic Jan. 20-22 Eagleton, Bengaluru
IGU Sub Junior & Junior Feeder Tour Jan. 27-29 Jaypee Wishtown, Noida

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