Etching India’s name in the Guinness World Records


In June 2016, Siddharth Naik and Brijesh Patel set a Guinness World Record by playing 315 holes (17.5 rounds) in 12 hours.

The duo teed off at 5:45 am on June 20 at Kalhaar Blues & Greens, Ahmedabad. They played 17 rounds of 18-holes and 1 round of 9-holes in a cart and in doing so became the only amateur golfers in the world to have achieved this feat.
‘What’s next?!?!’ they said to each other as they hugged on the final hole to cheers & jubilant screams from the gallery of friends and well-wishers setting off fireworks! The previous record was set in 2011 by a Japanese duo who completed 261 holes in 12 hours at Kyowa Country Club, Japan.

Naik, who sold his manufacturing business (electric motors) was diagnosed with Cancer of the Unknown Primary (CUP) in 2015. His chemotherapy has stopped and he keeps himself healthy through fitness, yoga, and Ayurveda. This completely changed his outlook on life and renewed his passion for golf which he claims has helped him deal with it both mentally and physically. Brijesh runs a successful graphic design & printing business in Ahmedabad and the duo are active campaigners for caddy welfare and promotion of the sport in schools in their region.

How did the Ahmedabadi duo, in their early forties, muster up the strength, stamina, and endurance to not only set a new record but also surpass the previous one by a distance? We take a closer look.

Guinness World Record Format

Alternate Shot with Cart

Minimum required course length- 6100 yards

Limca Book Records

The duo simultaneously created a Limca Book Record of playing 360 holes ( 20 rounds of 18 holes)  in one day as they continued to play for a total of 13hrs 44mins (after having already achieved the Guinness Record which was adjudged for 12 hours) beating their own record of 182 holes set in 2014.

They also set a record in 2015 by playing across 10 courses in Ahmedabad in an alternate-shot format in one day

Fun Fact

The 5th round was their fastest completed in 37 Min 40 Sec. This is the officially the fastest round ever played in this format.

 How they did it?

Yardages & Pin Positions

White tees with yardage ranging from 6200-6300 yards to meet the Guinness criteria.

Pin positions selected to reduce walking time on greens

Played all Par 4’s by going three on to avoid hazards and reduce the time


Golf course spec carts optimized for better acceleration & braking

Used Cart drivers

Team Effort

Supported by 26 staff & caddies along with 19 friends & family members

Balls teed up & kept ready on each hole

Caddies picked up holed out balls

Fore caddy used on each hole

Carts changed every two rounds like Formula 1 pit stops for optimum performance. Caddies practiced hard to achieve this

Several practice rounds (3 continuous rounds)

10 walkie talkies

F&B station on the 13th hole to keep them hydrated & energized. Dry rolls, finger food & water on the go.

Loo breaks minimized in order to cut time!

What’s Next (BOX)

Determined to attempt the 50-50-30 i.e. play 50 golf courses across 50 cities in 30days & are looking for support and sponsors. You can reach them by writing to us at

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