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The Golf industry offers many fallback career options, like coaching, for skilled players

The Golf industry offers many fallback career options, like coaching, for skilled players

Media coverage in golf largely focuses on the multi million $ winning cheques and private jet lifestyles of the game’s elite superstars which attract thousands of youngsters and their parents to pursue that elusive success as a Tour Pro. The good news is that although barely 1% of those chasing tour golf in India can actually  make a living from it, there are a number of fallback options that golf offers as a career.

In the area of player development, a skilled player can go into coaching, club fitting & physical and mental conditioning. Then there is the area of equipment sales, retail and distribution. At golf clubs careers are available in golf operations, membership sales, member relations, pro shop and club management. If you have the bent of mind, being a golf course superintendent can be highly rewarding and keeps you close to the game.

Sports marketing and management careers require those who can organise tournaments, sell and service sponsorships, handle media relations and social media accounts, Television production and commentary, refereeing, organizing leagues and arranging endorsement deals for players. 

These days technology is playing an increasingly bigger role in all aspects of sport so there is a small eco system developing around the creation, sale and marketing of Apps – whether it is to book tee times, track leagues, maintain statistics or play online golf games. 

Golf Travel is another mega industry and professionals who can select the best courses, arrange itineraries, arrange tee times and hotel rooms and sell to avid golf travellers can also make a handsome living working in the sport. 

This industry which is worth billions of dollars globally is slowly but surely evolving and growing in India as well. The good news is that most of the skills required are globally transferable and with a little experience, the world becomes your employment marketplace. So for all those who know youngsters who are dreaming of a career in golf – there are many ways to make a living while staying close to the game you are passionate about. 

Good Luck and Happy Golfing !

Rishi Narain

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