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Patrick Cantlay

Here at India Golf Weekly, readers will be aware that we attempt to give you a quick digest of news connected to and important for you –  Indian golfers. Usually you can read all our articles in about 15 minutes total. Also instead of reproducing news that makes the headlines on the internet or social media, we dig out stuff that isn’t easy to find elsewhere. 

This week,  the conclusion of the PGA Tour’s Fedex Cup is one story I would urge you to go and check out after you finish reading this week’s newsletter. The story of 29 year old Fedex Cup winner Patrick Cantlay is truly moving. After a stellar amateur career and solid first couple of years as a pro, he first suffered an almost crippling back injury in 2015 and then the tragic accidental death of his best buddy in 2016, while they were both crossing a street to go to dinner. He was tempted to give up the PGA Tour.

But then Cantlay decided not to give up  and this morning lifted the Tour Championship, the Fedex Cup and its US$ 15 million ( Rs 112 crore approx) paycheck ! 

It’s also been a season of golf unlike any other with 6 major championships, the Olympics and the Ryder Cup only a couple of weeks away. Golf as a sport globally has never been healthier for its top players and top clubs. 

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Photo: LA Times

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