6 Reasons to get an LG OLED TV


TV Technology has made a quantum jump with OLED with the power of self-lit technology. Over 33.2 million* self-lit sub-pixels come together to deliver the next level of viewing experience. You can enjoy the deepest blacks, richest colours, and most realistic picture quality.  

For those of you who love to learn the details about the latest in Technology , here is a quick brief:  

1. Sharp Picture for True Cinema Experience: 

  • SELF-LIT Pixels which create perfect contrast and perfect black, make every scene feel real with perfect vivid details as opposed to the Backlight pixels on LED TVs that can cause you to miss hidden details within a scene. 
  • Powered by Dolby Vision IQ & Atmos, Enjoy professionally mastered visual and sound  
  • FILMMAKER MODE™ ensure you Watch films with the creative intent and cinematic experience preserved 
  • Plus Unlimited Entertainment – Dive into the wide variety of content to choose from Disney+ Hotstar, the Apple TV app, Netflix, and Prime Videos 

2. Speedy Response for Gaming: 

  • SELF-LIT Pixels make gaming more responsive 
  • It is the first TV to offer NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible support in the industry, LG OLED is the ultimate choice for your gaming setup. 
  • Smoother gameplay for the win, with a higher frame rate, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), and eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) all meeting HDMI 2.1 specifications 
  • Dominate your way to victory with LG OLED TV. With a low input lag and fast 1ms response time. 

 3. Smooth motion for Complete Sports Viewing – Residual image or motion blur must be avoided at all costs when watching sports. With the OLED Motion Pro feature of your LG OLED TV, watch every quick and subtle movement of every player without the blur on your TV.  

  • Sports Alerts notifies you before, during, and after games. You’ll never have to worry about missing the big plays from your favorite teams 
  • Big sound for the big game – Connect any two Bluetooth speakers to help create a surround sound effect. 

4. Slim design to adorn your wall -  Why would anybody need a frame when they can have a whole gallery. No more need for TV-specific furniture. The TV can now fit into your interior, as is. Gallery Design, resembling Wallpaper design, blends into walls and spaces with a flush mount. 

5. AI ThinQ – Transform your TV into a central hub with the intelligent AI ThinQ. LG ThinQ allows simple command and controls your Home IoT ecosystem with natural voice recognition, there’s no remote needed. Also, with the Google Assistant and Alexa built-in, LG OLED TV makes life so much more convenient.

6. Eye Comfort Display –Binge watch with less blue light and easier viewing. LG OLED TVs surpass standards for blue light, flicker, and high-quality imaging. 

So, what do you think? Don’t these amazing features of the LG OLED TV excite you?  

OLED TV is the next level of Immersive viewing awaiting you that you need to get right away to compliment your living room.  

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