Talking Golf with Paige Lee at Hero Women’s Indian Open


Hero Women’s Indian will see its 13th edition unfold at DLF Golf & Country Club, Gurugram from October 3-6.

Paige Lee, a pupil of Noah Montgomery has travelled all the way from Sacramento, California with her friends and co-coached players Astha Madan and Anika Varma (all three have Mr Noah Montgomery as their coach) to participate in her first-ever Ladies European Tour (LET) tournament in India.

“My favourite dish so far is Chicken Masala and Paratha” – Paige Lee

Paige was kind enough to answer a few of our questions before the tournament starts on Thursday.

Hero Indian Open
Paige Lee at DLF Golf & Country Club

GDI: How excited or nervous are you to play your first LET event in India? 

Paige: I am very excited and honoured to be playing in the Hero Women’s Indian Open, being my first LET tour event. This is my first international travel outside of North America and I am having a great time in India. 

GDI: What made you decide on playing at Hero Women’s Indian Open? 

Paige: The Hero Women’s Indian Open is such an amazing event with a rich history. Having the opportunity to play in this event, I knew it would be a great experience! 

Indian Open
Paige Lee and Anika Varma

GDI: Noah Montgomery has his three players in the field this week – You, Anika and Astha, so how does that feel?

Paige: Noah is a great Golf Coach and having Astha Madan, Anika Varma and myself is a testament of his hard work. Knowing I have Astha and Anika here with me is very comforting! They have helped me tremendously. It’s definitely great to travel with friends. 

GDI: What was Noah’s advice on playing the course?

Paige: Noah advised me to play smart and play my game. 

GDI: Your thoughts on India in general, how are you liking it? Have you visited any places or tried any Indian food? Let us know your favourite food item or place you visited.

Paige: I am having an amazing time in India! I have visited Connaught Place and got to walk around all the shops. I would say my favourite dish so far is Chicken Masala and Paratha. 

GDI: Your favourite club in the bag? And what clubs do you have in your bag?

Paige: My favourite club in my bag is my Driver. 

PING Driver, 3W, 5W and Hybrid 

Nakashima Irons 

Cleveland 50 Wedge 

Callaway Wedges 54, 58

Taylormade Ghost SI Spider Putter

GDI: You must have played the course by now, what are your thoughts about the course? And what advice will you give to someone who’s playing this course for the first time?

Paige: It’s difficult to say, I really enjoyed playing the entirety of the course. It’s beautiful and challenging. My advice would be to play smart. 

GDI: Winning is everyone’s goal, but if not that, what finish will make you still satisfied?

Paige: Every player comes to win but a top 5 finish would entail a solid week of golf.

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