Honma announces new Tour Release product line


HONMA Golf officially announced the release of its all-new Tour Release product line for the Indian Subcontinent, said Touché Golf, the exclusive distributors. The new TR20 and TR21 line include two different drivers and three sets of irons, with fairways and hybrids. These products provide fast, tour-level performance with uncompromising HONMA craftsmanship.

 The new TR20 drivers are easily HONMA’s most technologically advanced product to date, featuring a nearly total carbon body and a light titanium frame. An ultra-lightweight ET40 carbon crown from Toray Composites is combined with a carbon sole and placed on a titanium frame to remove as much weight as possible from the driver’s construction. This saved weight is then used to optimize the CG location and launch conditions.

TR20 features two new drivers in two different profiles. TR20 460 is a beautiful, full-profile driver with three movable weight ports to adjust for MOI, low-spin and draw-biased launch conditions. TR20 440 features the same movable weight ports but is built with a slightly smaller profile for golfers who like to work the ball.

 Both drivers also feature HONMA’s Non-Rotating Hosel which allows the club to move +/- 1.5 degrees in face angle and +/- 1 degree in the loft without changing the perfectly-spined HONMA Vizard shaft.

 “TR20 drivers are a feat of engineering from our incredibly talented teams in Sakata / Japan and Carlsbad / U.S.A. Combining this innovative carbon construction with the legendary craftsmanship of our Takumi’s in Japan is something we’re very excited for golfers to experience,” said HONMA President.

 Also announced were two new sets of HONMA irons called TR20V and TR20P. 

TR20V is a true player’s iron forged from soft S20C carbon steel and features a modern cavity back design. Built with a better player-preferred blade length and topline, TR20V is the ideal forged iron for shot makers. A recessed, electroform HONMA mole logo is added into the cavity as a nod to the forged irons of HONMA’s past.

 TR20P is a player’s distance iron built with the same design language as TR20V to allow golfers to blend TR20V and P sets into their golf bags. TR20P features a forged S35C steel body with an L-cup face for more forgiveness on shots hit low off the face. A pocket cavity with tungsten weighting creates high MOI for added forgiveness and a low center of gravity for a higher launch.

 The TR20 series is launched promoting “SPEED” and “Trajectory control”, and the TR21 FW/UT has 4 additional concepts:


Honma’s distinct Non-Rotating Shaft System has already been widely used in drivers and is now being introduced to all TR21 Fairway Woods and the Utility.


Adjustable weights in the sole make it possible to control trajectory, with specific tungsten weights best positioned for each number.


For extra distance with a Fairway Wood, there are two 3W’s, one of which has a titanium head.


Introducing a new number 4 Wood (16.5°)and developing the 3wti/3w/4w/5w/7w FW’s will enable more golfers to meet their club set-up requirements and optimize their course management.


TR21 X Iron is a hollow iron beautifully shaped to maximize distance with control. Tungsten weighting and a high repulsion face are all designed to deliver for forgiveness and exceptional distance. This is a new era model which delivers a high-level performance for competitive golfers and those who aspire to play a tour model, but also for amateur golfers looking for extra distance.

TR20 products are now available for purchase.

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