Up your game with “UpGame”





Available on Android and iOS, UpGame analyzes a golfer’s shots and provides insights to better help the player improve his or her performance and strategy.

A golf game improvement tool that allows a golfer to keep game data in an easy and efficient manner, UpGame also allows the player to build a better connectivity with his or her coach by sharing game data, text and swing videos.

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The app has been designed to keep track of one’s golf rounds. Its intuitive drag-and-drop approach makes it an extremely easy and efficient tool to log scores. Progress can be measured after each round or over a period of time. Furthermore, UpGame’s in-depth analysis of a player’s rounds gives them a better understanding of their own gameplay. The app also suggests improvements. Perhaps the most interesting feature is ‘Connected Coaching’ whereby one can instantly share rounds and progress with their coach and avail feedback.

Renowned coach Steven Giuliano believes the app will do a world of good, “UpGame will be a game changer for golfers around the world wanting a quick and simple solution to keeping stats. The new interface is super-fast and provides the coach and student with extensive details on all the keys stats necessary for game improvement,” he remarked.

(Read more in the September issue of Golf Digest India. Download here.)

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