Sustainability: What It Is And Why It Matters


The R&A’s view of sustainability for golf

Golf Courses

Golf is enjoyed by millions of people around the world, with 60 million golfers playing on more than 33,000 golf courses, and media coverage of Major golf championships reaching hundreds of millions of homes. Golf, as a significant land user, has responsibilities and opportunities to play its part in a more sustainable, resource-efficient future. It is fundamentally important for golf courses worldwide to assess what they can do to achieve environmental sustainability while continuing to maximise the enjoyment of the sport. As sustainability concerns and expectations rise across all aspects of life, the golf community is well positioned to contribute more to the welfare of nature and communities, for the good of the game.

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Sustainability is a much used, and abused, word. It means all sorts of things to different people. For golf, The R&A believes that sustainability is more than a concept or an idea.

However, sustainability is tangible, it is applicable – impacting on our daily lives, it is measurable in economic, environmental and social terms and it relates to our own personal and organisational accountability and responsibility.

The R&A describes sustainability for the game of golf as: Golf’s contribution to wider society and the effect the game has on nature and resources, delivered by enduring businesses which provide a positive sporting, environmental and social legacy for future generations.

Minimising the negative and maximising the beneficial impact of the design, construction, renovation and maintenance of the golf facility on nature, resources and communities is the key to operational sustainability in golf. In order to achieve this, over time, we need golf businesses that are adaptable, with a well-educated and informed workforce.

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