18 holes with Roland S. Folger


Name: Roland S. Folger

MD & CEO, Mercedes Benz India Pvt. Ltd.

Home Club:

  1. When did you start playing golf?

1988 in Singapore

    2. What do you love most about playing golf?

A good walk in the fresh air

    3. Who forms your regular Fourball?

My wife plus any other club members willing to join

4. How about your dream Fourball?

Martin Kaymer and Bernard Langer

     5. Name your favourite Gentleman & Lady Pro golfers.

The same as my dream fourball

6. Favourite golf course – In India & abroad?

India- I have not made up my mind yet

Abroad- Cypress Point Golf Course, Monterey, California

   7. How often do you get to play golf?

On an average, twice a week

 8. Our thoughts on doing business on the golf course?

The best combination! You really get to know your business partners

       9. Describe your most memorable experience on the course.

Playing a 100 holes –walking- in one day in our home course in Stuttgart, Germany (4:30 am sunrise to 10 pm sunset)

      10. Do you use any golf apps on your phone? Any gadgets to improve your game?

None. It’s all in the mind anyway

11. The most scenic course you have played?

Cypress Point Golf Club, Monterey, California

12. Current handicap? Lowest handicap you have had?

Current- 24

Lowest- 20

13. What golf apparel/equipment brands do you lean towards?

Adidas and Nike

14. On an average, how long do you drive the ball?


15. Your dream car?

Mercedes AMG GT S

16. What is your Favourite holiday destination?

New Zealand (Golf, beach, food, sailing)

17. What is your Favourite dish at your home course?

Fresh Italian pasta, salad, and dry white wine

18. Favourite 19th hole drink?

Cold beer


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