18 Holes with Pranab Barua


Pranab Barua

Business Director, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle
Title sponsors of the Louis Philippe Cup – India’s only Pro Golf League


When did you start playing golf?

About 25 years ago. Wish I had started young

What do you love most about the game?

The challenge of hitting the ball straight and taking deep breaths of fresh air when you don’t

Who forms your regular Fourball?

Arun Chopra, Manveen Gill, Dr. Mohan Gowda

Dream Fourball?

Rory Mcilroy, Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh

Favourite Pro golfer?

Ganganjeet Bhullar for the simplicity of his swing and his humility

Favourite golf course – In India & abroad?

KGA, Bengaluru & St. Andrews-The Home of Golf

How often do you play?

Not enough. Twice or thrice a month

Thoughts on doing business on the course?

Bad Idea. Leads to bad business decisions and bad (worse) golf

Most memorable experience on the course?

My only 2 good shots in my golfing career!! A hole in one last year on the 4th Hole and a 220 yard third shot on the 9th hole with a five iron, landing next to the pin. Both at KGA

Do you use any apps or gadgets to improve your game?

No. Nothing can improve my game!!

The most scenic course you have played?

Have played in only a limited number of courses. So Ooty Golf course is the one I would choose amongst the ones I have played

Lowest handicap you have had?

I think my handicap had dropped to 16 or 17 some 10/15 years ago. Now its back to 20 where it belongs

What golf apparel/equipment brands do you lean towards?

Golf Apparel is mostly Callaway or Puma and my golf sets are Yahama and Egg (PRGR)

On an average, how long do you drive the ball?

Currently, around 230/240yards

Dream car?

Mercedes S63. Mind-blowing.

Favourite holiday destination?


Favourite dish on your home course?

Appam and Stew

Favourite 19th hole drink?

Dancing Coffee at KGA

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