18 Holes with Asheesh Mohta


‘I Named My Daughter After Annika Sorenstam’

When he isn’t analyzing real estate investments across residential, commercial and hospitality sectors, Asheesh Mohta Managing Director, Head of Acquisitions India, Blackstone Real Estate — is likely to be on the golf course, if not already travelling or trekking.
An avid golfer, Mohta has participated in numerous events such as Volvo World Golf Challenge and World Corporate Golf Challenge. He celebrated his 40th birthday at Oxford Golf Resort (Pune) last year, with some of his closest golfing friends, where his wife Ritu helped organize a one-day tournament.
The adventure aficionado in him thoroughly enjoys African safaris and expeditions in the Atacama. He was in Finland not too long ago to experience the Northern Lights. Mohta has a penchant for listening to Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi, et al and – thanks to daughters Anika and Myra – is getting well versed with the latest English numbers as well. Here he is, in conversation with Karthik Swaminathan.

Asheesh Mohta. GDI: What is your home club?
The Royal Calcutta Golf Club (RCGC), Kolkata

GDI: When did you start playing golf?
Started relatively late, when I was about 16 years old

GDI: What do you love about the game?
Golf has the ability to be wildly different each day on the same course! It requires an optimum balance of mental and physical strength. And besides, I love the fact that it gets you to spend 4 hours with a group of people you enjoy being within a stress- free environment.

GDI: Who have you played golf with the most?
Have a bunch of friends in Calcutta who I regularly play with

GDI: How about your dream fourball?
Would have to include Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam (I named my daughter, Anika, after her) and probably Rory McIlroy

GDI: Favourite golf course, both in India and abroad.
Favourite course in India is Oxford, Pune and internationally is Black Mountain

GDI: How often do you get to play?
I don’t play often now-a-days. Probably a couple of days a month

GDI: Your thoughts on doing business on the golf course…
Probably doesn’t happen as frequently as everyone thinks. In my view, people build acquaintances and relationships on the course which could then, subsequently, translate into business

GDI: Favourite male and female golfers.
Tiger Woods and Sweden’s Annika Sorenstam

GDI: Please describe your most memorable golfing experience.
Playing the lowest round that I have played, which was a 1-over round at Willingdon Golf Club in Mumbai

GDI: Do you use any golf apps on your phone?
No. I am pretty old school that way and I rely on course yardages, etc.

GDI: Your current handicap.

GDI: Your lowest handicap.
9, this is the lowest that I have been

GDI: On an average, how long do you drive the ball?
About 260-270 yards

GDI: Your favourite holiday destination.
Queenstown, New Zealand

GDI: Favourite dish on your home course.
The samosas post the 9th hole at RCGC

GDI: Mid-round power snack.
Probably a bar of chocolate

GDI: Favourite 19th hole drink.
Fresh lime water – sweet ‘n salt!!


(Read more in the July issue of Golf Digest India. Download here.)

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